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Our goal is to continuously push the boundaries of predictive science and make those new discoveries and technologies available to everyone. Uncertainty Quantification Foundation relies on advocates and volunteers like our Board of Directors and Science Advisory Board. Our software projects require developers and maintainers to continually keep pace with the emerging science and build the next generation of open source UQ tools and technologies, and our research institutes rely on dedicated experts and scientists working on new discoveries.

Financial support from the general public is vital for the sustainability and growth of the Foundation.

Contributions from individual donors provide much needed resources to our mission to support the development and dissemination of advanced tools and technologies for uncertainty quantification, and to broaden the study and application of UQ to pave the way for discoveries and innovations in complex real-world problems.

Donating to charitable causes is a generous personal choice and we celebrate anyone who makes that choice no matter their level of contribution.


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Other ways to support UQ Foundation

For those who want to take a more active role in supporting the Foundation an annual contribution of $200 or more will qualify you as a Supporting Member, providing special privileges and benefits, including the opportunity to have a voice in the Foundation’s planning and management. There are also membership options available for those who want to contribute their time and expertise to support the Uncertainty Quantification Foundation.

For more information on membership, please see our membership page or contact