Transparency and Financials


Uncertainty Quantification Foundation is a nonprofit organization that has applied for tax exemption. Maintenance of its tax exempt status is important both for its continued financial stability and for public support. Therefore, the IRS as well as state regulatory and tax officials view the operations of Uncertainty Quantification Foundation as a public trust, which is subject to scrutiny by and accountable to such governmental authorities as well as to members of the public. Consequently, the Board of Directors, officers, and management employees believe in transparency into the governance, financial statements, and policies of the Foundation.

Governing Documents

>   Articles of Incorporation
>   Bylaws
>   Application for Exempt Status
>   Determination Letter


>   2016-2019 UQF filed 990-N (Notecard) returns

Annual Reports

>   2016-2018 No annual reports produced as Gross Receipts were under $25,000
>   2019 Annual Report
>   Our 2020 Annual Report will be uploaded in 2021


>   Conflict of Interest
>   Document Retention