As a non-profit organization the UQ Foundation has several ways you can give.

General Contributions
All contributions made to the UQ Foundation are used for the sole purpose of furthering our mission to revolutionize and advance Predictive Science and Uncertainty Quantification. Click the link above if you'd like to help.

Fundraising Events
You can also support the UQ Foundation by attending or sponsoring any of our fundraising events, seminars, sprints, and workshops. For more information about upcoming events click the link above.

Large-Sum Contributions & Corporate Sponsors
The UQ Foundation is always grateful to organizations, employees, or individuals who want to get involved with large-sum or annual giving. Many employers sponsor matching gift programs that match employee charitable contributions. Others conduct annual campaigns in the workplace to raise money for non-profits like UQ. Some simply want to be listed as a sponsor to the UQ Foundation. Learn more about how you or your company can make a vast difference by contacting Drew Marsden at (626) 414.4613 or

Wish List
Looking to get rid of some unneeded items? Or, do you want to help out by purchasing a special item for the foundation? Email us here [email link] for a copy of our most recent wish list. Items included range from small office supplies to larger computational and equipment needs.

Now days most nonprofits have realized the importance of word of mouth marketing for their missions and core values. The UQ Foundation is no exception. You can show your support by spreading the word about the foundation and its works, or link us on one of our social media pages.

UQ Support doesn't just go one way!

The UQ Foundation strongly believes in supporting our community. We offer small business and researchers several opportunities including partnerships, grants, sponsorships, overhead and equipment funding, and continuing education. To learn more about how the foundation can help support your project, programs, or company clink the link here to view our Outreach & Support Programs.

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