The recent developments in numerical methods and computing power have given way to a new era in the world of scientific computing. Throughout time scientists, researchers, and industry leaders have been forced to rely on limiting assumptions or statistical estimations when dealing with uncertainties in a "realistic" model or representation of their problem. While various approaches to these problems have improved over the past few years, there is still much lacking in the way of understanding Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) capabilities and the potential impact on real-world and large-scale problems.

As a result, the UQ Foundation has made it our mission to facilitate the growth and dissemination of new and advancing UQ tools and supporting technologies. Tools like OUQ, Mystic, and Pathos. You can find more information about the UQ Foundation's current supported technologies, research goals, and success stories by clicking the link here.

But the UQ Foundation won't stop there.
We know far more can be done in the way of UQ advancements so we offer researchers and small businesses several support and assistance opportunities. These relationships are intended to further our mission as it relates to UQ and Predictive Science. For more information please view our Research Support page, or contact a member of our team for details.

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UQ Research
Below you will find information about the UQ Foundation's current research goals, studies, and projects. Further information is also available in UQ in the News.

Current Research

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Research Goals

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Research Goals & Current Projects
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