Similar to a University or Research Institute, the UQ Foundation strongly believes in the importance of outreach programs, research support, and continuing education for our community. We believe that we have a social responsibility to give back and contribute to the development and improvement of, not just UQ, but the world. Our programs include, but are not limited to, the following:

Small Business & Research Support Programs
The UQ Foundation understands the difficulty finding funding or support for your new business or research project. We help small companies and researchers by offering several opportunities including legal sponsorships, research transfers or partnerships, and financial assistance through general-purpose and equipment grants. If you or your company are currently planning or working on a related project and are in need of assistance, please let the UQ Foundation tell you how we can help by visiting our Research Support page at the link above.

Academic Scholarships
We offer a limited number of varying scholarships per year. The UQ Foundation Scholarships may be flat-rate or, cover a specific percentage of tuition fees and other academic related expenses. These scholarships are limited and, thus, highly competitive. This encourages and motivates individuals to excel academically and maintain higher academic standards. For a list of currently available scholarships, application instructions, and more information click the link above.

Our Fellowship program is intended to support individuals by investing in their future. While most of our Scholarships offer financial support for education, our Fellowship opportunities offer real hands-on work or research experience. For a complete list of current fellowships please click the link above. Note: Some fellowships listed may not be offered directly by the UQ Foundation. Please pay close attention to each listing's application instructions. Failure to do so might result in a lost opportunity.

Continuing Education Events
School's not out just yet! The UQ Foundation offers several types of continuing education events including seminars, lectures, and workshops. These events focus on the significance and application of Uncertainty Quantification and supporting technologies. Many of our events are free for industry members or request (but not require) a small contribution from general attendees. For a comprehensive list of upcoming events and descriptions please click the link here to be redirected to our Event Calendar.

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Education & Outreach Programs
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