The UQ Foundation specializes in assisting researchers and businesses in almost every industry make better use of cutting-edge Uncertainty Quantification tools and supporting technologies.

Our experts have overwhelming backgrounds in a combination of scientific fields that form the basis of UQ including: physics, material science, computer science, computational methods, mathematics, and statistics.

Through grants and research sponsorships, the UQ Foundation is able to leverage several advancements and improve the path businesses and industry leaders take when finding solutions for high-consequence decisions.  UQF tools and technologies make it possible to up-scale your problem and optimize over all possible scenarios, removing the need for limiting assumptions, and providing you with the most accurate results.

This is what makes the UQ Foundation the perfect research partner. With our extensive network of supported technologies, alongside proven methods and evolved expertise, we are capable of assisting your business through:

Sponsored Research Agreements/ Joint Research
Regardless of your current approach or software, the UQ Foundation offers a wide variety of research opportunities ranging from in-house assistance to full turnkey project production. Coming soon and depending on the complexity and requirements of your project, the UQ Foundation can even execute your project at our facilities with our own computational resources, reducing valuable time and cost.

Supported Technology Customization
Because we support several superior UQ developments, we can give companies or projects not only technology and software support, but in many cases customization. We can request developers to make timely customizations that allow our sponsors to contribute to business or project innovation rather than waste time on configuration or user specifications.

Employee Training & Continuing Education
The field of Uncertainty Quantification is advancing at a rapid pace. As a forerunner, the UQ Foundation organizes and supports several scientific education events, many of which are free for industry members. In addition, we welcome the opportunity to speak directly with your company's work force about the industry, new tools, and advancing techniques.

For more information about what the UQ Foundation can do for on your project or training rates contact a member of The UQ Foundation's business solutions at

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